Hi back again lol

So from my picture below im trying to figure out how to use this. I should have bought it a while back and not scramble at the last 25 days or so BUT, how come i put in we will be there from 12-7 and there is nothing it suggests till 4:21pm. What am i doing wrong? IM almost sure its user eror for sure :smile:

Welcome! You need more on your plan. Even before fast pass reservations you only have enough to fill 2 hours and 40 minutes. Go back and add 4 hours worth of activities and meals, and then it will start earlier in the day. Hope that helps you.

The Optimizer will plan around the order that will have the shortest amount of time in line. Since there’s so few attractions, it’s not taking anything into account for the morning since lines would probably be longer then. If these are the only attractions you want, then set your end time earlier, or add long breaks for “exploring time”

ty both. my sister wants animals so im sure this will take sometime. Honestly i have been to AK in my last 3 trips because to me there is nothing there to see or do.

We manage to make it a 8 hour park day. Start with a bunch of rides on Expedition Everest, I see it is missing on your plan :smile:. Also, Finding Nemo show, the bird show, Primeval Whirl, a few meals, all the trails, and end it with another 4-5 rides on Expedition Everest and you will have a full day!