HHN tic discounts


Was anyone able to find a Coke or Burger King discount code for HHN tix? I've been looking - BK has never even heard of the promotion. If u call US they will give the discount but I wonder why this fell thru.


Are you in the US? I grabbed a can of coke from the teacher's room refrigerator and it took the code.


I am in Illinois and can't find in stores.


I just used the numbers above the scan code on a can of Coke.


Try this one: 049000042566


Even the photo shows a regular can?


Thank you! I guess I kept glancing at the cans looking for that HHN ad :frowning:


I found the code I posted on a forum. Try that first? Maybe I just got lucky with my can? I bought the tickets in August and when I looked to buy another without a code it was $20 more.


I am in Illinois too and just grabbed a random Coke can and used the code and it worked. Try any old can! If you haven't done so yet, I can give you the UPC off of one of the ones in my refrigerator. Let me know!


Thank you, I used Principal's and it worked!