HHN - Halloween house opinion

I am looking for some feedback on Halloween Horror Nights. I am going to be at Universal during HHN. I don’t really have any desire to go to HHN, but I am a HUGE fan of the Halloween series and I’m tempted to go strictly to see the Halloween haunted house. But I only want to go if the experience will be amazing. If it’s a cattle call of people going through in a continuous line, then it won’t even be scary. Can I get some feedback from people as to how truly scary this house is? Is it worth the time and money?

Halloween (as in Michael Meyers) was a maze at Orlando’s HHN in 2014, but will only be at Universal Hollywood in 2015. Orlando is getting Freddy vs Jason, Scream, Insidious, and American Werewolf this year.

As for whether it’s scary or worth going to, start by reading this:


Thanks, @skubersky! I had read somewhere that Michael Meyers was coming back this year, but knowing that is not the case, I will pass on the whole thing. I appreciate your help!