Heya! and Waaa

This summer has been flying for me, hows it going for you? So far I am sick for the second time this summer already.. NOT going to Harambe NIghts on 7/26 like I thought (family dropping over for birthday visits) and we are blacked out for 3 more weeks so no Disney trips either (I Might be over my cold by then frowning) Nice to see these forums taking shape, I havent been able to be on chat much last few weeks and this is a big and pretty cool surprise!

Well hopefully I can spend more time in here with you guys, maybe even tonight/tomorrow since I dont plan on doing anything tomorrow. non-potable_water


Summer is flying by here too. Seems like the kid just got out of school and she goes back in a month. Thought I would have free weekends in August but those are filling up with events. Just once I would like to have a summer where I don't feel like I am running all over the place every weekend. And I have no Disney trip planned and no park tickets. =(

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Well.. heres to a WDW getaway! tropical_drink

and.. I have over 7,000 chats and no Lounge access.. I have plenty of drinks already smiley

Can't believe DD16 summer vacation over next month. So much to do.

Thankfully, back-to-school shopping for my DD is relatively headache free. Only need a backpack this year and basic classroom supplies. I still get to make all the decisions on her clothes. LOL