Hey fellas

Hi, just saying hello to my friends, i have not been in forums in a while still not user phone friendly…i have started many posts with pics…i hope u enjoy them as much as i enjoy sharig them…happy november


Hi @niter!

@Niter, I look forward to seeing pictures of the world through your eyes. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Hi Niter. DE and I will be in the World Nov 16-22; any trips planned for that week?

Hola @niter! Nice to see you drop in! Hope everything’s good with you and your family. Stay in touch!

Thanks for sharing pictures. Maybe you can share a few that are not on their sides.

Hey @niter, it was great meeting ya! Give Wifey a hug for me!

Ditto! Say hey to Erin! Would love to run into you guys this weekend!

Hi Niter!!!