Here We Goooooo! A Trip Report to Kick off Summer Vacation!

Well, we did it. The 2020-21 school year ended for us at noon today and we are on our way home!!

This will be our longest trip ever so you’ll probably get tired of seeing our faces. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the plan:

Who? Myself (36), DDad, DD10, DS8, DD6 and DD4 (who turns 5 on the trip!)
Where? All freaking over the place. We decided to make our first split stay a doozy. 2 nights at Loew’s Royal Pacific, 4 nights at BCV, 4 nights at GFV and 4 nights at AKL Jambo.

We’ve got two day tickets to UO and 10 day hoppers to WDW with a rest day or two sprinkled in.

We are currently on the plane and should land in Orlando around 5:30. Our original plans for today were to land closer to 4:30 and make it to IOA for a few hours before park close but since our flight was delayed we may wait and use those tickets Wednesday instead. TBD. it was raining and mid-50s in Dallas when we left (what is happening?! Crazy weather) and we’re looking forward to sweating so buckets in FL!


We also have a 4-part split stay! We arrive on May 23rd, so I take it we will just miss each other? Have a great trip! I will be following along. Can’t believe this is the last group of trip reports before mine!


We leave on the 24th so a tiny little overlap!

You’re so close!


So jealous! We go until June 3rd in Austin. :cry:

I will comfort myself by vicariously living through your trip report.


Ugh. June seems so cruel. We’re at a private school and get out earlier than our public schools by quite a bit. Maybe 2 weeks or so.

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We are in PA…so mid-June here. But we also don’t start until either the week before or the week of Labor Day.

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In Arizona we tend to get out early but are back in school the second week in August. As a kid I’d prefer the early out but as an adult I kind of wish we could have an early September vacation without worrying about school. Both would be nice. :joy:


Have a great trip! Can’t wait to follow along :slight_smile:

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This is what we do too. First day is normally around August 10th

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Have sooooo much fun! Will be taking notes again as our trip is around the corner and we have 4 kids around the same ages, staying at BCV, and are celebrating a bday while down there too!

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Enjoy your long vacation! :grinning:

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Got my :popcorn: ready to follow along!

We have 12.5 school days left!


Landed. Praise Jesus. Turbulence makes me a Nervous Nelly and it wasn’t even that bad. Less than 10 miles from Loew’s.


Kind of a line to check in. Boo.


But you’re there!!! Woot!


Yes!! Woot!!! And insanely someone got in line behind us, noticed the kids school shirts and told us that they too go to our school. How bananas is that?! :banana:


Great minds!

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This used to happen to us all the time at DLR at spring break. We would drive down and I remember seeing a kid from my daughter’s middle school at a rest stop on the highway! We live two states away, by the way.


have all the fun!!! can’t wait to hear all about it!

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Been snacking all day. Ready for some fooooood.