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I choose fast passes July 29. How do I decide this primarily for AK. We plan to visit this park twice. Do I not mess with a touring plan until I get these booked and then plug my times in and optimize it? The park opens at 7 am both days. Doubt we will get there that early probably more like 8:30am. We are having lunch at YY @ 11 and dinner at Tiffins around 6. I’ve managed to get every special event, meal reservation etc exactly like I wanted it but now this fast pass selection is stressing me out. I’m not sure what I’m even trying to get :flushed::see_no_evil: help a girl out please.

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I don’t get FPP until November :joy: but I have already done some preliminary “draft” plans, including my ADRs. I used the plans to help me figure out which FPP I should get (if I was unsure) and in what order we will want to ride things. I even put pretend FPP into the plans so that I could play around with the times and such, and try to figure out what will work best. Then when FPP day rolls around, I can refer to the plans for what I want to TRY to get. Then make revisions to the plans as necessary, after I see what I ACTUALLY get. :slight_smile:

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What do you want to ride, over the two days? And on what day of your trip are you going?

Go for FoP on the second visit, Navii on the first. You can then try modifying Navii if you want FoP again.

Other than that, I assume some or all of: Safari, Kali, Everest and Dinosaur.

Maybe decide to do half the park one day (Asia and Dinoland), and Africa the next. That would split the rides in half.

Or if there’s a must-do show then you could get an Fp for that in place of one of the others. If not rope dropping Pandora, the Everest is a good choice. Try riding it stand-by first and then again with an FP if you all love it.


I do my plans long before FP day to work out what I want to get. I’ve booked FOP on both days.


This is the order in which I do our planning.

  1. I choose park according to which has emh, which we RD each day. I fill in with days w/o emhs, after that.

  2. I set up personal touring plans. (the standardized ones are good too). I plug in rides we want, optimize.

  3. TP will tell me which rides to get fpps for. I will “pretend” that I got those fpps at suggested times. Amazingly, I’ve not needed to change that much later- usually get the times or close enough that makes no change to that plan.

  4. ^I’ve already plugged in rest times (almost always all afternoon) and meal times, with the name of restaurant planned for dinner. I had already chosen which restaurant according to which park we’re in that day.

  5. We almost always scarf down quick breakfast in room b4 catching transport for RDs, so that doesn’t need to be entered in plan.

  6. @180 days ahead, I make the adrs we want, according to what’s on plan. That can change sometimes, since we sometimes change our minds re restaurants.

  7. FPP day I make the hardest to get ones first, plug all of them into plan- surprisingly not many changes needed.

  8. Next I print the final plan, for myself and one for Ds who helps fam and myself with navigation with his iphone as well.


I’d try to set up at least a preliminary TP plan prior to FP day mainly because we often have interest in the shows and trails and like having the TP to optimize our day around show times and to make sure I’m aware of when the trails close (it’s often earlier than park close).

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I make goal times for the FP I want to get and I like to have a rough draft of my day planned. That way if I have trouble getting the FP time that I want, I can more easily rearrange the day instead of booking a time that I’ll end up kicking myself over.


I tried doing it but the optimized plan sure seems to have me zigzagging a lot .

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Put it in the order that makes sense to you and then evaluate. I always start with optimize to get a baseline, but then rearrange to how I want. My estimated times ended up as good as the optimized version.


I left out on my ^numbered list 1 very important point. After optimizing @first, I then switch over to evaluating only. I know what order I want things in after the optimize step & after I rearrange things as I need.

Optimize will move rides around differently. So evaluate is the way to go from then on for me.