Here now - what are my options?

We’re at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Beautiful resort! We reserved a standard room with two queens but upon arrival we were given a bunk bed pool view room. The bunk beds just are not functional for my family, as I have a kid with a broken foot who can’t climb and another that is terrified of the top bunk. I would really rather have two queen beds. We’re here until Friday – would you ask to be moved to a two queen room? Since it’s a holiday week and they’re very full, what are my options if they don’t have a room to move me to? I know this is technically an upgrade, but not for my weirdo family.

What would you do?

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It doesn’t hurt to ask! Just let them know why it doesn’t work for you, it wasn’t what you booked, and with your reasons, I imagine they would be accommodating. If they have no rooms left, just ask what other options they can offer you. A week is a long time to be uncomfortable with your sleeping arrangements, so be patient but firm with the front desk.


Agree. I bet they can find a family to switch with you even if they are sold out. Many want the bunks (I know I would!) and you have a legitimate reason for wanting to switch.


Definitely go ask!! I get it, wouldn’t work well for us either!


You got an upgrade, but your rationale for needing to be moved is valid. Be pleasant and ask them to move you in the morning; I’m sure they can accommodate you. They felt they were giving you more than you paid for, and many people would be excited about it. But I totally get why you need the two queens, and they will too.


If you’re stuck with it, would either you or your partner be willing to take the bunk?

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Oh, we’re both sleeping in the bunk right now and my kids are in the queen. I’m not thrilled with the situation. :joy:


The bunks are not really big enough for an average sized adult to sleep in

This would be me and DH.
And we’d crack up about it for years to come.

Get some sleep and I’ll pray for a fix in the AM!

We booked a king room std view at AKL and were given a queen and bunks. We went to desk and asked to switch but all king rooms were full. They offered to move us to 2 queens savannah view but we used the TP room finder to see the view from the potential new room and decided that our current standard room with partial view (of giraffes and flamingos!) was better and stuck with the bunks. They were very helpful and offered to let us check back every day but that seemed too much trouble to move after a day or two. But you should definitely ask. Enjoy your trip

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My husband is a terrible sleeper. A break sleeping in a bunk bed might be a nice break lol

Any updates?

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Sorry to leave you hanging. They really weren’t able to move us, so they gave is an air mattress. It’s been fine.

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