Here comes the rain again . . 😞

Well as of right now and a few other sites are predicting some thunderstorms during our trip. They’re also predicting storms on our MVMCP night. Hope they’re wrong or it changes before then we leave November 27

Florida is an amazing place as far as weather is concerned. Because it is a pennizala (know I spelled this wrong), It rains off and on. Usually for 15 minutes then the sun comes out and it is muggy and hot. This may happen several time a day but rarely at night for some reason. Of coarse on the rare occasion of a hurricane all bet’s are off. Now if you think your Florida weather isn’t so hot, come on down to Fargo ND where the wind is blowing at 30 to 50 mile an hour and it is 24 degrees with snow flurries in the air. Cool you right down:roll_eyes:

I live in Chicago so can relate to the cold :wink: In fact that sounds like the “fall day” we had a few days ago. 8 degree windchill! I guess that’s why I’m so bummed cause I was looking forward to some warmth!!

I am sitting here looking at the forecast and it says 0% chance of rain here all day- and we just had a small shower. You never know what is going to happen here- and the 27th is so far away that IMHO it will change at least a half dozen times before you get here.

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Thanks - now I have Eurythmics stuck in my head from your post title.

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And then 5-10 minutes later…


I wouldn’t put much stock in it, especially this far out. I had a trip where it was predicted to rain every day, half the day, for three days. In actuality, it rained for about two hours on our first day and was sunny the rest of the time. Keep your chin up! :slight_smile:

But don’t cha just love that song :wink: