Here Are the Theme Park Restaurants NOT Reopening at Disney World


Maybe I am the only one, but I find this helpful as I consider my trip later in the year.


Thank you for sharing!

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Comparing that list with the list of shops that won’t open makes it look like Epcot will be a ghost town.


Epcot has better days ahead…but for the short term, it will be a bit sad.

Still, I’m anxious to get back. I just like the ambiance of the place (probably due to nostalgia…and, since I haven’t yet seen the walls!)

There are plenty of positives for our upcoming trips, though (not in any particular order):

  1. Spaceship Earth will still be open! Yay!
  2. Soarin’
  3. Living with the Land
  4. The Seas
  5. Mission:Space
  6. Test Track
  7. Frozen Ever After
  8. Just walking the Showcase
  9. Taste of Food and Wine Festival
  10. Jumping Fountains! (I think…or have they been deconstructed already?)

Can I just be weird for a second and be sad about Woody’s Lunchbox. We never went there on our last trip and just wanted to eat next to the large babybel’s this time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah. We actually had it on our plans, and it didn’t even occur to me it wouldn’t open. We’ve never been there either. :confused: (Of course, we’ve never been to Toy Story Land at all, since it wasn’t open last time we were there.) But of all the food places that are NOT opening, Woody’s is the one I think I’m most sad about.

Although…Kringla’s is also not opening, which was on my wife’s “must do” list. Hopefully it will be back open for our December trip.

I’m also going to add Casey’s to my 'weird I’m sad about not opening" list. Even after they made cut backs on the chips and sides…I still wanted a hot dog. Ha

I’m already starting to hear the next DFBGuide vlog titles:

  • 6 Magic Kingdom food favorites you won’t see in 2020!
  • 7 Epcot epicurean delights that are no more
  • The 10 food items we’ll miss most from Animal Kingdom



Oh for sure - we are still going to Epcot. It’s my daughter’s favorite park. I was hoping the Duck Tales game would be finished by the time we go but I’m not holding my breath.
And really, with a quieter World Showcase it will be easier to see the actual pavilions!

You’re not missing much. It was good, but nothing I can’t do without.

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I suppose you can say that about the entire Disney experience, though!

We are simpletons when it comes to food choices. After all, my wife and I loved Lotus Blossom enough that we planned to eat there again on our December trip! (Which, apparently makes us less than simpletons, and just plain ignoramuses!)

For us, going out for a fancy meal means heading to Chili’s! :smiley:

I understand. The biggest negative for it not being open is you’ll have to walk farther to get food.

The more and more I read, the less and less interest I have in going back anytime soon. I was thinking about late 2021, but even that seems too soon.


It is now my go to breakfast spot on my HS days. I’m sad about it too!

I’ve very sad about this one. Mini Corndogs are my MUST HAVE Disney meal. I don’t know why…but they are. I usually eat them more than once per trip.

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