Helping people is stupid

They always say they will but then they don’t go to the park until 10.

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I helped a coworker plan a 2 day AK/EP trip the week before Xmas, and he actually listened!

First he moved his days to midweek to get lower CL’s as I advised.

Then he took my LL advice on what to buy to save the the most time.

He was a real trooper, though. He showed up at 7AM-ish at EP to get a jump on ETPE.

GotG didn’t work out so well - he didn’t like the motion - but I’d thoroughly warned him about this, showed him videos, explained the spinning + coaster takes some by surprise, etc.

But that didn’t dampen his day. He did TT + Remy with minimal waits and loved them!

Part of his success is having the confidence to navigate WDW’s complexity after I gave him the tools.


Every five years? That may not be worth a subscription

Lucky it was in the mid/high 60s

5-10 degrees colder would’ve been miserable

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Beyond frustrating

You’re basically throwing money in the trash by not taking advantage of early entry (same goes for UOR)

Youre a real friend

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well yes it is worth all 20 bucks - to put together custom touring plans, use lines app in the park and all the other goodies



Its actually more important because you REALLY need to make the most of your time because you visit so infrequently.



I bought my first TP subscription long before I knew anything about anything. It was an off the cuff purchase of something I stumbled on by accident. It made that trip amazing

It also changed my life but that’s a sappy story about people and places and connections and friendship and who has time for that Auld Lang Syne kind of thing today.


When my son an I went when he was 17, on our third day, he didn’t want to see a show at the time I had planned that. I said, fine, why don’t we separate for a few hours. Well, he rode Everest (long line), and I saw the Finding Nemo show, got my hair wrapped, walked around the Tree of Life, and sat and enjoyed some music. He rode Everest. I got him on Everest at least 9 more times that trip, and with a combined wait of less than what he waited then. He never complained about my plan again. And near the end of our trip he said to me, while we were in a fast pass line walking to the front of FOP, “I just don’t understand why these people are waiting in such a long line” and I said “you would be too, if it wasn’t for me and my planning”.


Glad to see he learned from his mistakes. My problem is predominantly with old people who refuse to learn from theirs.


Yes, understood… I just thought it was a funny story, related to the topic.

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