Helping friends plan and they won't tell me anything!

Really frustrated. Tp has helped me plan good vacations the last 3 years. When I found out my friend was having troubles, I decided to help. Trying to help her, but she won’t even tell me what they like to eat or what time. Kind of frustrated. As we all know plans matter. I thought about giving her questions about food choices, times, anything! What would you do? She tells me to just pick whatever. Please what do I do?

Will they at least tell you if they want to RD or close the place down?

You could order the DVD for her and then watch the video with her. See what sparks her interest.

Otherwise, you could tell her the things you like to do.

I agree. what a great friend you are to help…but if she gives no input, plan what you would like and hand it over to her


The party consists of Mom, Dad, DD5, DD6, and the grandparents. They are on the QSP, but wanted a character meal. I helped them schedule Tusker House with the help of reservation finder. They will have 2 days at MK and 1 at AK. She wants step by step instructions, but won’t help with meals other than saying put a chuck of time in anywhere?

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If they are on qs plan then I would just leave 45 min to hour break at meal times. They can decide day of where to eat.

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Thanks for the advice. This place has just taught me so much at about not wasting time in WDW waiting in lines. My sweet DH just said give her you input and step away. Well…On a positive note, he said stop helping them and plan our July vacation! So appreciative for TP :slight_smile: And my DH!


You can’t help people who don’t want help.


Sounds perfect for one of the already made plans! Tell her to join and there are plans already made. But yea I wouldn’t spend too
Much time helping…


I have a similar issue, but I’ll actually be on the trip. We (DH, DS4, and I) are going with MIL & FIL. They have only said for me to do all the planning and they don’t care. But I know they are not huge fans of following a plan. They’re “wing it” people. I’m on the fence about things to plan concerning DS4 because I don’t know if he’ll want to do rides.

My solution is to mostly choose activities for the TP that are non-intimidating, but will get FPPs for (hopefully) Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, and 7DMT. If people don’t want to ride, they don’t have to. I’m just blocking some time around lunch and dinner times for a break and we’ll eat QS where we’re near at the time. I have a feeling I’ll be optimizing the TP through the day to try to follow the plan that will inevitably be thrown out the window.

Hopefully they appreciate the time you’re putting into it!


Your husband is wise. I have a SIL who would soak up all my energy in planning and once at the parks, sabotage everything so she could resume control.

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