Helping deciding which "two credit" dining to eliminate


I got a promotional deal in August and, in my madness, decided to upgrade to the Deluxe Dining. Now that I actually have to finish PAYING for this vacation, I am having second thoughts. So…I have to eliminate either: Tiffins ROL, Hollywood Derby Fantasmic OR California Grill in time for Fireworks. We’ve seen Fantasmic but never eaten at Hollywood Derby. We’ve never eaten at Tiffins or seen ROL and we never get lucky with a good spot for MK Fireworks BUT have a pre-paid Pirates Cruise for our last night. And, I really want to try California Grill. So - HELP!

Value wise I would recommend you keep the Tiffins ROL Package. That package comes with appetizers. I do love HBD but that package is only entree and dessert. You are dropping deluxe- right?

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Tiffins was my favorite meal from my last trip, and it wasn’t even close. If it were me, I’d dump Hollywood Brown Derby.

Another vote for dropping HBD.

Tiffins is calm and lovely. And you get the full three courses.

I had a bad experience with CG, but the view is spectacular and special and memorable.

HBD is loud and busy. It’s good, but the other two edge it out.

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I would drop HBD. I have had lovely meals there but I like Tiffins and CG better.

Definitely HBD. It’s just ok compared to the others. Can always go in and pay out of pocket for a Cobb salad or something

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Ok this is what you do pick your cheapest TS and pay out of pocket for it and then use the saved credit for it. If that does not work put them all in a hat and draw one.

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I really like HBD; it’s really the only place in DHS that I look forward to for a meal, but given those choices, it’s the one I would drop. That might also be because I am totally burned out on Fantasmic and really don’t care if I ever see it again…


For sure important to consider. Comparing those three I would drop HBD…but DHS other food options are not great, whereas AK has fabulous alternatives.

I would drop CG - I find the quality to be variable (so,e-tickets great, mostly just okay). If you wanted to use the balcony to watch the fireworks I would go to the bar and have a drink and a plate of sushi - you can then return to watch the fireworks.

I’m with those who call HBD. Tiffins is one of my favorites; HBD is not.

tough ones to drop for sure. gonna get the proverbial slap…but i did not love Tiffins…yes,it was only a month after opening. i would do Tusker House Rol pkg

I’d get rid of HBD or Tiffins.

+++ for dropping HBD … I found nothing in particular there to compel me to return