@len My HS plan just went wack. Mostly everything was in order. I hit optimize and the am and pms are all wrong! Can’t paste from phone but it say 1059058 in the web browser line.

I mean I hit evaluate!

Calling out @len @lentesta @david

Checking it now.

It looks like we just updated the park hours, and did it incorrectly. I’ll ping @daybreaker to look at it. Sorry for the panic.

Don’t update the plan, please. Thanks.

Should be fixed. Wasn’t the park hours. Brad will be along shortly with an explanation.

It looks like Rosie’s Cafe was set to 5:15am, instead of 5:15pm. This caused the park open to be set to 5am, since we do allow meal times before park open due to meals like Crystal Palace that let you into the park early.

Also, since the plan had been “Evaluated” instead of “Optimized”, it just evaluated the steps in order, instead of re-arranging them. This caused the plan to start the day at 5am, and estimate all the rides in order starting from that point.

“Optimizing” the plan would have moved the Rosie’s Cafe 5:15am reservation to the very end of the plan as an unattainable step. And started the rest of the day normally, after park opening, with the attractions re-ordered for optimal touring.

In the future, we should do a better job in the app of alerting users when a meal reservation looks like it was accidentally marked as AM instead of PM.

If you have any more questions, just let me know!


Thanks so much!. Didn’t catch that. You are awesome.