Help! Yacht Club or Beach Club with young kids?

We’re heading to the World for 9 nights late August/early September. Initially were planning Poly but going to go YC/BC for proximity to Epcot and great pool. Our littles (DSs6/4) are chicken and may do the Guppy slide, will definitely love the kids’ areas of SAB. DH loathes Disney but loves his wife and also LOVES sports and sports bars.
Pros of YC seem to be cool Nautical theming and beds, “quieter” vibe, a little closer to boat transport, kids’ zero-entry end of SAB, balcony on every room, and a little closer to DHS, and cool lounge for sports-loving DH (Crews Cup).
Pros of BC seem to be new reno, “casual beach” vibe, more CS dining, closer to Epcot entrance, and cool Solarium space.
Although almost everybody seems to prefer BC, I wonder if the more subdued theming of YC may suit my family better? Or is BC just so happy and fun it will overwhelm us with happiness and funness?

We were originally planning on BC, but the prices at YC were a bit better, so we’ll be staying there in July. Although we’ve never been there, I get the feeling that it’s like one big resort, with a quieter side and a crazier side.I don’t think you can go wrong with either side, but if your family might need a little down time, YC might be a bit better.

The distances are negligible. Depending on where your room is, you might be closer to some things in a yc room than a bc room and vice versa…but it’s only a few extra steps. I like beach club as it feels less stuffy. Our 2 year old loved every inch of the pool (with the exception of the slide.)

I can’t say for YC but we stayed at BC last September and loved it. I didn’t think it was crazy at all, but we are louder people and noise and that stuff doesn’t bother us (although crowds do, hence going in September!). BC is closer to Epcot and the Boardwalk area, but not by too much. QS options are lacking on both sides, although the food at Hurricane Hannah’s at BC wasn’t too bad. You can get a whole pizza over by Boardwalk for 2 QS credits - a steal IMO - if you’re on the dining plan.

Hope you make the right choice for you, go with your gut instinct, I’m sure it will work out for the best for you!

We prefer BC to YC. We like the more relaxed atmosphere and like having the Marketplace nearby. Everyone says that YC isn’t much farther from Epcot, but when you are walking back to the hotel at night with tired kids, it seems like a big difference. The kids remarked on it every night.

I don’t think you could go wrong with either resort! We stayed at YC last July and loved it! Staying there in May again. YC seems to be a little cheaper than BC so thats why we pick it.

I think both resorts are great but I picked YC for me and my DS6’s trip this summer (8/23-9/3). I stayed at YC in October and loved it. I like the laid back atmosphere at YC. SAB and location are both great- I just liked the “feel” of YC better.

You can’t go wrong with either - we have stayed at both and I prefer YC - calmer, more refined vibe. However, all three of my DDs (13 - 15) prefer BC because it more lively. One point to bear in mind is that YC rooms have balconies - I see this as a great thing, but you need to consider of this is a food/bad thing with children as young as yours. I wouldn’t sweat the decision - you will have a great time at either.

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