Help working in BTMRR to plan

I am looking for some advice on planning our day in MK. We are visiting MK right before Big Thunder Mountain closes for renovations. We aren’t quite at our FP window and already they are gone for the day we are going, which means we have to ride standby. This is probably my kids #1 ride in MK.

FWIW, we are going again to MK a second day so we have time to play with the schedule (the ride will be closed by then). Typically I’d hit up Fantasyland first and get on those rides and Space Mountain first and do BTMRR later in the day, but I am worried with no FPs and it closing a couple of days later it will be a crush all day.

Do you think we should go there first? Even if that throws off our ability to ride standby on some fantasyland/tomorrowland stuff? And then after that, come back to FL? Any suggestions?

I think you’re best off to to make up a custom TP, run the times and then strategize. Depends also on what day you’re going and if there are EMH. BTMRR often doesn’t have long lines for a while in the morning. Also, are you sure FPP are gone? BTMRR almost always has FPP available the day before, and often the day of - we’ve gotten it as our 4th FPP recently. Let us know how it goes!

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Agree hat it is a good idea to not give up on getting a FPP, because it’s almost always available when I’ve looked. I also think it’s great to do a TP (or two) to give you and idea of how things might work out. But since it’s a must-do and it’s closing for refurb, i would do that at RD, then head to space or fantasy. That way, if bad weather or some other problem arises, you can still try back later in day. And if everything goes smoothly, you have a blast on BTMRR.

As far as I can tell, the FPs are gone. When I got to the Touring Plans FP Availability for that date, it says distribution done ( I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that it is closing for renovation. Maybe bigger demand? Or maybe they aren’t really gone versus they aren’t making them available? Or could the TP site just be wrong?

I am going to give it a shot when my window opens and hope for the best, but the info I am seeing seems to suggest they are not available for that day.

We rode BTMRR at rope drop this Sunday (June 26), which was a pretty busy day. When the ride was over, there was no one in line, so they let us stay on and ride a second time without going back through the queue. We still had time to make it across the park and ride Buzz Light Year 3 times without a FPP. You might give it a try.

Agree on making a personalized touring plan - this will help you figure out the best strategy for doing everything you want to do.

Oh, that is good to know! So maybe doing a rope drop trip to BTMRR will work, then we can head back to other rides in either FL or TL and then use our Fps. Thanks!

Yep, I will definitely do that thanks!

rope dropping BTMRR is great especially if it’s your favorite which it is definitely ours. Not many people head that way comparatively speaking. We rode it about 4 times in 30 minutes on a level 10 day.