Help with WL Transportation Timing

Our trip to Wilderness Lodge is rapidly approaching, and it will be my first trip solely relying on Disney transportation. Do the below timing/transportation options for our mornings make the most sense & offer enough time for us to get to our first scheduled place (in parentheses), or do you have any better suggestions? TIA!

WL to MK: (PPO CP @8:35)
-Boat leaving before 8ish (if boats are open PPO?)

WL to AK: (FPP Animation @9:40, AK opens at 8)
-Bus leaving around 8 (I think getting to Animation with the train will take awhile so trying to pad this)

WL to TaF: (@9:15)
-Minnie Van leaving around 8:30?

WL to HS: (Ogas @9:25)
-Bus leaving around 8

WL to MK: (FPP PP @9:20)
-Boat leaving around 8:30

WL to EP: (FPP TT @9:35)
-Bus leaving around 8:30

WL to AK: (FPP KS @9:15, AK opens at 8)
-Bus leaving around 8? (Assuming it will take us awhile to hike back to KS)

Others may have better intel on this, but I would probably NOT rely on boats for PPO stuff. I think I would lean heavily on the buses or, better still, an Uber/Minnie

Otherwise I think you’re good!

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I don’t know if it’s the same for WL, but I’ve read at FtW you can take the resort boat to CR and then walk over for PPOs.

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We waited 20 mins for a minnie van one morning around 8:15. I don’t know how common that is. You would probably still be ok but would be cutting it close if that happened.

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At peak times you def have to plan earlier than you actually need it.

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Is that because they are generally unreliable for trips, or specifically PPO availability?


My understanding is that there is a WL to MK boat and also a WL-CR-FW boat circuit, so we may be able to take whichever is at the dock. I’ll probably have best luck with asking the front desk the night before what is running PPO :thinking:

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It starts later. The resort one runs earlier.

This kind of uncertainty is what makes it so hard! But, good to know your experience for planning. I get stressed when I’m running late, so I’ll give Minnie Vans some extra time. Thanks!

Bummer! But thanks for the intel!

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I generally go to the WL boat dock with plans to take the boat to CR and walk for early ADRs. In February there was a MK breakfast boat.


After thinking about this, the CR boat would actually work out beautifully because my parents are staying there, so we can all walk over together. Duh! How much time would you plan for the CR boat + walking?

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I would allow at least 45 minutes, maybe more? Of course I always arrive early!

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I think they just don’t start early enough

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One thing I learned is it is better to talk to those who do the transporting about transportation questions as opposed to asking front desk CMs. The bus drivers know about busses. The front desk people know about front desk stuff. Generally the front desk people give the basic everything starts around an hour before the parks open. The busses definitely start much earlier than that. We were at all the parks we rode busses to over an hour before opening.

Edit; Early morning busses are so great. Almost empty.


Good advice, thank you!

This site has info about the transportation. It does not mention the breakfast boat. I agree to talk to the CMs on the MK boats since that is how I learned about the breakfast boat.

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Early is on time. On time is late. Late is left behind.


The resort boat starts running early, or at least it was during our two stays at WL. In our experience, it was running by 6:30-6:45am. We used it for a 7:15am Chef Mickey’s reservation and made it with no problems. You should be fine if you’re willing to walk from CR.

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Ugh! You sound like my husband! If I’m early that means I’ve missed time I could have been getting other things done! Inefficient! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: