Help with what number to call to cancel

Hi All,

My sister was supposed to fly out tomorrow, she needs to cancel and just wants a refund, as they don’t know when they can go in the future, she was staying onsite for a week with 3 park days. What number should she call? She tried: (407) 939-5277 and it just beeps once and hangs up, she also tried: (407) 934-7639 with the same results.

Are these the right numbers? Any advice? The website says they need to cancel before check in day, which would be today and she’s freaking out, any help is appreciated.

Try 407-824-4321.

I don’t think you need to call

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I’m worried about her getting the refund for 3/14 and 3/15 since they don’t officially close until 3/16. It says for guests with stays between 3/16 and 3/31 will be automatically refunded if no action is taken, it just makes me nervous to think she could lose that money by not calling.

I understand. We were set to check-in 3/14 too :(. I think Disney will realize they need to extend the period to include all dates after they announced the closure i.e. from 3/13. But it can’t hurt to try to keep calling.

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One comment. It will take you a very long time to get a hold of a Disney Travel Agent. I would imagine the phones are ringing off the hook. If you booked via another agent have them take care of the problem for you. I did that and my agent canceled my reservation for me. On the other hand I needed to cancel my flight with Delta. It took over and hour on the phone before I got hold of an agent, but once I did they were very understanding and provided me a voucher good for one year from the date of original purchase.

Thank you everyone, my sister was finally able to get through. She had to try 112 times, but once she got through the cast member was very nice and issued her refund right away.

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