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Going first week of December 2023, need to reserve DVC resort ASAP. Kids will be 4 and 6. Should I do Magic kingdom first when crowds are lower (3/10 and 4/10) but only have arrival day and one full day there OR should I do Magic Kingdom last but crowds are a little heavier (6/10, 4/10). Will kids be too exhausted by end of a 6-7 day trip to enjoy MK or will MK first mean they are let down by the other parks? Are lower crowds worth having less time overall at MK? Planning on Genie+ for one MK day.

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A lot can change in a year! And as things change, my recommendation might too.

But, generally, for my family MK has to be first. Coupled with lower crowds and it doesn’t seem to be a question - I wouldn’t put MK off :slight_smile:

Curious how this impacts you making a DVC reservation, though? Can you clarify?

Hooray for getting a trip on the books! And once again, welcome!!


I’m booked Poly DVC for beginning of December. We are planning our MK days on party days when crowds are low.
Are you planning a split stay? Just wondering how which MK day’s would be a factor in DVC rental. I originally was planning a split stay, 3 nights a 1 resort, 3 nights at another. We are 3-4 adults and 1 toddler. Some people here talked me out of doing a split and I’m glad they did.
I would plan a lot of breaks, in park and some out the park. My kids did not like go, go, go when they were that age. If you visit MK on party days you should be able to get a good bit done in low to moderate crowds.

Thanks for the input! We are planning on resort hopping between contemporary (combined with MK days) and Beach club (for epcot/HS days). So deciding when we will do MK first or last determines what days we will be at each resort.

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Hi, yes we were thinking of doing a split stay between contemporary and Beach club. Just curious what made you decide against the split stay?

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Ah that makes sense.

The beginning of December is a popular time for DVC and becoming a popular time for Disney in general. Packing up and moving with a toddler sounds ok in theory but if your room isn’t ready then carting around things you might need for the day can be cumbersome. I wouldn’t plan on a full day in the parks with young kids for that day either. It just felt safer and easier to stay in 1 spot. Epcot and MK are going to be the most visited (kid loves Nemo). So Poly gives me easy transport to both. We will use the bus for AK and HS (2 mornings and 1 evening visit in total). I don’t know exactly how much we will have to bring this far in advance.

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Somewhat biased opinion here, but you aren’t at Disney World until you have been to Magic Kingdom. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I would definitely prioritize it early in the trip. And the ages of your littles is perfect for Magic Kingdom.