Help with touring plan and FPP planning

Okay so I made preliminary touring plans for our July trip and book FPP on Friday. Should I attempt to book FPs for the recommending ones on my touring plans? Should I make FPs where I want them and then update the touring plan? Will my touring plan really have me only waiting ~15-20 minutes for headliners if I follow it? Seems strange to RD WTP and ride SDMT at 930 but…

I’d personally make FPP for when YOU want them… and then re-eval your touring. But it’s really up to you!

I would focus on getting the tough to get FP’s (7DMT, FoP, SDD, Frozen, ToT, RnRC) first, and then go back to each day and chose the balance WITHOUT referring to your touring plan. Then once you have them all set up, go back to your touring plan, enter the FP’s you obtained, then Update/Optimize your original plan.

If you’ve read the details on what FP’s are the toughest to get, and which are the best bang for your buck in time savings, then just pick those up and don’t worry about your touring plan at this point.

GOod luck,.,and for the record, I chose my FP’s this morning (July 6 arrival date) and everything was available…FoP, SDD, 7DMT, Frozen…it was a quick and easy process.

My strategy is to use the TP optimizer to help guide me as to the best FPPs to get - here is a link to my method:

There usually is a big rush to 7DMT at RD, resulting in long waits initially. However, once that rush has died down you can hit a sweet spot with lower wait times. Wait times for WtP, however, just keep getting longer and longer.

Thanks! Hope the same is true in a few days!

Thanks for the reply and links! Okay that does make sense…

Yes and as far as RD for 7DMT, if you are at the front of the RD crowd, go ahead and do 7D first, but if you are just walking in as 9AM hits, then follow the plan. Let the masses do 7D while you wait for the wait to dip after the initial rush. The TP can’t really estimate where you will be for RD so can’t effectively plan for if you’ll actually get that short wait at opening.