Help with shoes

Ok I am debating between the following shoes to wear for my upcoming WDW trip!!

Ahnu Tilden V
Keen Venice H2
Teva omnium

I was going to post a similar question. All 3 of these shoes are pretty similar so I guess it comes down to comfort. I am assuming you are planning on buying these new? Personally I would pick the Keen’s because they are more open and I like to have a little more freedom so that my feet don’t get hot.
I have a pair of closed Tevas and sometimes my feet rub on the bottom of the soles when I wear them for a prolonged time. That’s my only caution for you.
I am stuck between wearing socks and my running shoes or my Birkenstocks!? I think socks and shoes may be more comfortable but I worry about hot feet in June in Florida!
We leave in 11 days! Have a great trip!

Anyone own any of these or have a better pair to suggest

I can’t stand my feet to be hot. I wear special shoes that require socks, and I hate it. I tried like 10 different types of socks before I gave up and bought, on a whim, a pair of Sketchers sandals because I couldn’t take the heat. I love, love, love them! They give me good arch support, don’t hurt the bottom of my feet, and are adjustable. Best purchase ever.

If you’re buying a new pair - I love my chacos! They are about $100, but I have had my pair for 10 years. I actually lost one once and turns out you can order a single shoe if needed. Have had them resoled once (by the chaco company for only $40). Love them for the arch support and they aren’t quite as bulky to me as the teva sandals as they are a one strap sandal.

Depending on your feet, I also love the Teva flip fops (think they are called olawahu). I have a pair of black ones that I’m planning on wearing on days when we have a nicer table service reservation (with a summer dress you barely notice they are a flip flop). They do provide pretty good arch support for being a flip flop, but I know I won’t be able to do a whole week long trip in just them. Only $25 or so for a pair.

I bought some Skechers sandals from the “outdoor lifestyle” line. They are awesome! I can wear them all day without my feet or back hurting. I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes because of plantar fasciitis, but these are great. The only thing I’m worried about wearing them at Disney is my feet getting sweaty and it causing blisters.

I’m a total Keens convert; not sure of the specific model, but they are the most “classic” of the styles. I also like Vibram 5 Fingers, but I’ll admit that they do take a bit of time to “get used to”.

@aumichelle72, mine are from that line as well. I haven’t had a bit of a problem with them at all. They are more comfortable than my prescription shoes. It’s hard for me to find shoes that fit and are comfortable and that don’t cause blisters or pain. I wish I had bought a second pair.

I’m considering getting a second pair myself :slight_smile:

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Just bought a pair of Teva Kayenta’s. I have had them before and wore them to death including a trip to Cedar Point so I know they will be great for Disney and better for my plantar fasciitis than my Birks.

Thanks for the tip on the Kayenta. I’ve tried every style of teva and none of them worked. Just got these and I love them. Not sure yet if they’ll be good for all that walking in Disney, but I love them for every day use!

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I’ll let you know. We leave in 8 days and I plan on wearing them. I’ll pack my running shoes also just in case but I think they should be good.

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