Help with "safe" dining options

After 2 years of cancelled trips we are 15 days out and Florida is on fire again. While I’m not happy with the situation we are entering, I am confident we can do it safely and am thankful our 7 year old is totally cool with the mask thing. Having said that, I have a couple questions:

Firstly, I’ve never felt crowded at a table service restaurant, but haven’t been to many of the ones we have reservations for. While I’ve seen images and videos from most of these, I know it isn’t a true perspective. Could you anyone let me know if any of these have tables tables on top of each other?

  1. California Grill (Wave Breakfast)
  2. Sanaa lunch (are they still doing takeout?)
  3. Sci-Fi lunch (this one looks tight to me)
  4. Ale & Compass breakfast
  5. Sebastian’s Bistro dinner
  6. Chef Mickeys’ Lunch
  7. Ohana breakfast

We are booked for 2 weeks so this isn’t as packed a schedule as it looks :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

At sci-fi you sit in a car, which is pretty car-sized and there’s a lot of space between cars for walking. I felt very safe eating there a few weeks ago.

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Sanaa and Ale and Compass are both doing mobile take out of that would make you feel better.

As of the last time I was at sci fi, they were only seating one group per car so no hitchhikers.


Would I keep my res if I chose to do this?

When we were at Sci-Fi the other week, it looked like they were seating more than 1 party to a car. I could be wrong. There were 6 of us so we got our own.

For breakfast at ‘Ohana, we did that twice, 7:30 seating. We didn’t quite have the place to ourselves, but it was pretty empty. And the tables were fairly spaced out.

We did an early dinner at Sanaa and it was normal, I believe. Tables are not right on top of each other, but pretty close.

No, in the app you start at the plus sign:

Then you open mobile orders and scroll down:

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Agree on Sci-Fi - the tables are pretty spaced out. I’ve heard that ‘Ohana has not been full capacity due to staffing shortages but haven’t experienced that yet.

Please report back after your trip if you remember :grin: We’ll be there in a month and are visiting a few of the same restaurants with unvaccinated kids.


Wasn’t there some issue with mobile ordering if you aren’t staying at the resort? Or was that just for the MK resorts?

Just the MK resorts and it’s pretty hit or miss these days.

Only QS- I have not heard of any issues with these TS orders?

The only time I have been to a restaurant during the pandemic… at WDW :joy: I have yet to go to one at home. (Sept 2020, Nov 2020)

I have not been to any of those 7 locations before (we stayed at CBR last trip, but Sebastien’s was closed). Have reservations for CG (dinner) and Sanaa lunch for the upcoming trip at end of Sept.

Didn’t we also hear about Riviera being problematic?

There was one I think, but I wrote it off as an anomaly since no one’s reported it since in any of the Disney boards I frequent.

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Yeah, Riviera too

We ate Wave breakfast and Sebastians this week and they were two of the better restaurants we visited in terms of spacing of tables. Did not visit the others you mentioned. Also, if I feel uncomfortable with a table I’m offered I will just ask for something more to the side of the room. I’ve never had a negative response to that.

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YMMV, but when they seated our party of 4 they told us we could put our bags in the third row as no one would be sitting with us.

Interesting, I wonder if they’re having issues with ppl parking and hopping on the SL ?

I know a local was refused entry in the morning but that message comes up always. There were reports it was also linked to reservation one weekend and you could not go past the screen if you did not have a resort reservation.

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I know we’ve been there 2x. Once via SL from HS and the other time getting past a very surly security guard. :smirk: