Help with room request

I rented my last few points out for a weekend in less than a couple of weeks out at Kidani.

I haven’t been able to chat to Member Services, just never available, and really don’t want to spend hours on the phone. Can I just set up the reservation in my dashboard and make a room request for them? Do you think that’s the best way at this point? I know it’s way closer than the 30 days.

Can someone talk me through this? Obviously I know how to add it to my dashboard, where do I go next? Thanks!

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This might help. I made a very detailed post with screenshots once but I can’t find it now.

I would definitely do this. It doesn’t get sent until 5 days ahead now so you’re good.

I thought it changed from 5 days out to 30 days out when they centralised the room assignments? I’m probably confused, things seem a world away from the days we knew what was happening. :grin:

But anyway, thank you. I remember that post of yours and I should have bookmarked it.

Found Len’s post about the changes at least:


The email will still be sent even if it is under 30 days. When you set it up you can delete the specific room if you want, and just add the text that describes your request. I would definitely use the TP request tool.


Thanks for your help @OBNurseNH and @PrincipalTinker. Room request sent in this morning.


Glad you were able to rent the rest out!!

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