Help with room request at All-Star Sports

We managed to get a free dining offer for mid-November, at All-Star Sports.

As a family of 5, we’re going to have to go with two rooms, and we’re booked requesting connecting rooms. That remains the first and foremost priority.

However, there are additional things I’d like to consider about a specific room request, and I was wondering if anyone was familiar enough with the resort to help me find things that also match the following:

  • First floor (preferably) - our autistic son has a phobia regarding elevators (no Tower of Terror for him!), and even using stairs on a second floor room is likely to get him obsessing over it.

  • Away from elevators (see above)

  • Relatively quiet at night - in general, I don’t care about the views. On the whole, I’d prefer something facing away from pools and common areas. We won’t be at the resort during the day, though.

  • Least importantly, anything that fits the above and has one room with a king bed and the other with the two full beds.

Any thoughts?

I just went and checked the room finder. There’s actually only 12 rooms between 2 buildings that are a King bed connecting to another room on ground floors. None of them face the pool, and I think Building 1 would be better than Building 6 for not being beside any common areas. That gives you 4 rooms to choose from, 1162, 1147, 1118, and 1103.


Thanks for the info!

For quiet rooms, you’ll definitely want to be away from the common areas, especially the faux football field, which generally attracts a lot of activity in the morning and evening. Getting the room with a king bed, however, will be tough, since as @mALYficent noted, there aren’t very many to choose from.

You have defined your needs pretty clearly here, so I would use what you’ve written to fax in a room request, being sure to emphasize the medical need for your son. If you want to give examples of some rooms that would work, then that’s great, but if those rooms aren’t available, you want the assigner to know what criteria is important to you.