Help With Room Location at Coronado Springs (CSR)

We have booked a Standard room at CSR and need help finding a room. We would like to be close to dining (or anywhere that we can fill our mugs SELF SERVE with coffee, cream (we love the creamer machines vs. individually packed creamers), and soda), and also close to the Dig Site.

In order of priority though, close to mug filling stations is our top priority. Any suggestions?

The room finder does an excellent job of determining how close a room is to El Centro or lobby and the bus, however, it is our understanding (which may be incorrect) that you cannot fill a mug at El Centro as that is only where you check-in?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

El Centro is more than just the check-in. It has all the dining options, except for the Siestas which is at the Dig Site, plus the gift shop. Pepper Market is the food court where you can refill your mug.

try the cabana buildings, they are in between the dig site pool and the main building (el centro) with the food court.

I was at CSR in July. It beautiful and the pool was fantastic! I think the Cabanas are a great recommendation.