Help with resort - poly or bay lake

I have a reservation for the third week of June at the poly villas for 2 nights and switching to bay lake towers for two nights. I have the ability to stay at the poly for the whole time. Does the convenience of being walking distance to the magic kingdom outweigh the convenience of not having to pack up and move resorts? It will be one adult and one child.

I think Poly is more kid friendly, but BLT will be great for easy access to MK, especially since the monorail isn’t stopping at Poly right now.

Are you only doing MK? I’m not sure I’d want to switch after two nights… no wrong choice here!

Agree with this. I love BLT for the convenient walk to MK (big time saver), but that has to be balanced against the time lost moving rooms on a relatively short trip.

We get to poly on Monday afternoon. We aren’t going to a park on Tuesday because I couldn’t get a reservation except to Epcot. I didn’t want to pay for a full day ticket since it doesn’t open until 11. Wednesday we head to MK and would also transfer to Bay Lake. Thursday is another MK day and Bay Lake. Friday we are going to animal kingdom and transferring again to the yacht club for one night. Leaving Saturday. I thought about changing reservations so that we stay at poly Monday-Wednesday and the yacht club Thursday-Saturday. I’m just not sure I want to give up the convenience of the contemporary. I would extend the contemporary one more night except the price for Friday night is triple what I paid.

If I understood correctly, the benefit of Bay Lake would be walking to MK on just one day, your second MK day?

If so, I personally would skip it, especially if you have another resort switch too. Moving once would be more than enough for me at least.

I think both boats and buses are currently running from Poly to MK? Boat is under 10 min, bus 5 min. Maybe someone can confirm that they are running. Additionally you can of course walk to TTC and catch the monorail from there too. Or even walk all the way to MK (about 1.5mi).

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Bay Lake was just meh to me like a nice condo building and the Poly villas look amazing plus not sure if you’re doing the studio but the poly has the extra shower area. I don’t think the tiny bit closer to MK is worth moving, a less themed resort and potentially a smaller room if you’re doing a studio.

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100% stay at poly villa don’t switch. The logistics of packing unpacking finding new room hoping it is a nice room etc etc is just not worth it. And poly villas are awesome. Why mess with awesome?! And transportation center is very close to villas so easy to jump on monorail. Enjoy

I cancelled the bay lake reservation and went with poly for three nights and the yacht club for the last two nights. We have the park hopper pass so I thought we might be able to hop over to Epcot or HS during the afternoon.