Help with Res 50's prime and Savi

I made my reservations for 50’s prime and Savi prior to Disney changing the park times. I could only get 3 of my party of 6 in the 50’s prime and got a 1:00 Savi for 2. I have been trying to get the other 3 of my party in at 50’s prime but don’t see any opening on the website. I have tried to call several times and sit on hold for hours. I have also been trying to move the SAVI up to 11:00 so we can go to water park that afternoon. Do you think I can do the walk up at 50’s Prime and get the rest of my party in and go to SAVI early and see if they can get in earlier? Are is there a better number or time to call the reservation desk?

When are you going? Have you set up a reservation finder? I think adding one to a party of 3 is one thing when walking up but adding three-that’s seems way less likely that they could accommodate (whole different table size, I assume).

Going in 4 weeks. I’m afraid of that.