Help with preliminary TP / FP+'s?

First timer here! I have done a lot of research and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Still need to get my ROL dining package, but overall my strategy will be “do the FP+'s late enough that it makes sense, but early enough to get more”. It’s two adults so we are not doing characters (apart from Alice and at MVMCP). Also, I’m in Los Angeles, so booking FP+ will be at 7AM EST = 4AM PST right? And since I’m staying on property, all my dates should be available to book at the 60 day mark?

I’d appreciate any feedback, TIA!

1st EPCOT Day – Park hours 9-9:30 / CL 8 - Arrive at 11AM; FP+ Soarin’ 11AM, then Drink/Snack/Holiday/Around The World. End with IllumiNations.

HS - Park hours 9-8 / CL 4 - Arrive at Rope Drop: Toy Story Midway Mania!;
FP+ Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Star Tours;
then other rides / shows. End with Jingle Bell! Jingle Bam or Star Wars Fireworks (or Fantasmic! as my last choice as I’ve seen it multiple times at Disneyland).

MK/MVMCP – Park hours 4PM-12AM - Arrive at 4PM, get wristband, check in for 4:30 PM ADR;
Can you do FP+ w/ a MVMCP ticket??? I really want to experience the party stuff, so rides are low priority, but I would like to do Jingle Cruise for the holiday overlay, and a few non-Disneyland things (likely 7DMT and Country Bear Jamboree).

2nd EPCOT Day - Park hours 9-9:30 / CL 3 - Arrive for Rope Drop: Test Track;
FP+ Spaceship Earth, Mission: SPACE Orange and Soarin’;
tour the rest of Future World. Leave by 5PM for 7:45 CG ADR.

AK - Park hours 9-7 /CL 4 – Arrive for Rope Drop with two options (I think I’m leaning towards #2):

  1. RD: Kilimanjaro Safaris; FP+ Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur
  2. RD: FoP because of the queue; FP+ Na’vi River Journey, Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris (at sunset)
    Dining Package to get FP+ for Rivers of Light.

MK - Park hours 8-6 / CL 3 - Arrive for Rope Drop: 7DMT;
FP+ ??? Maybe the other 3 mountains?
Here’s my dilemma: I feel like I can skip a lot at MK because it duplicates Disneyland (which I live near, I used to be an AP and plan to be an AP again when Star Wars Land opens). My priorities are things that DL doesn’t have (7DMT, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, The Muppets Present…, Country Bear Jamboree, Carousel of Progress, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, People Mover, Stitch’s Great Escape! – might be closed?, Enchanted Tales with Belle – might skip as not into princesses?) or things I super love at DL (Space Mountain, meeting Alice in Wonderland, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room w/a Dole Whip).
I’d like to catch the parade and maybe the opening show and Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire - Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party comes across as something more for kids? Should I bother?
5:45 ADR for Be Our Guest

Yes as long as you have not booked three for another park that morning.

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You might want to consider FPP for test track and RD Soaring. TT is notorious for late opening at RD and can be closed due to weather.

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I would FPP 7DMT. It is the most difficult FPP to get in MK. The line builds very quickly and unless you are at the front of the crowd you could easily be in line most of the golden first hour.

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Thanks for the advice @AuntB_luvsDisney!

Since we can make FPP with a MVMCP ticket, is it advisable to make one for 7DMT on that nite? Or do you think lines will be low enough? It is one of the rides that I am most curious about at MK, so if it’s awesome I want to be able to ride it more than once. I will also book a FPP for Jingle Cruise that night.

If we get FPP for 7DMT on our other MK day, what ride is a good rope drop choice?

And I think my concern with FPP-ing Test Track is that you miss out on some of the queue or pre-ride portion, is this correct? My husband definitely will not do single rider, so that’s not an option.

There are no FP during the party FP. With party ticket FP can be made 3:30,4:30,5:30 but only if there are no other FP scheduled on the profile that day. Each profile gets 3FP per day.

Depends on your group, I like to RD Peter Pan, then Pooh, the use my FPP around 9:55-10am for 7DMT (I try to schedule it 9:00-10)

You still get to design your car which is the important part to my group. The rest of the queue is not worth a long wait in my opinion.


I agree with @AuntB_luvsDisney. I would definitely FP 7DMT. I was very impressed with the ride. It is a very smooth coaster, but very fun - not kiddie, but family friendly. The animatronic portions are charming too.

I would RD PPF as the line gets ridiculously long very quickly for a pretty short dark ride that is more hype for nostalgia than hype for actual ride quality (don’t get me wrong, I love it but will never be able to justify and hour wait for a dark ride). The line is charming too; so for me worth the rope drop to get to walk through the SB cue,

Since we have a 4:30 ADR inside MK on the day of the Christmas Party, I probably should not schedule a FP until 5:30. I would be able to use it before 6:30, which I think would give us plenty of time to eat.

No kids in our party, and I have done all those “kiddie rides” at Disneyland, so not that interested in Peter Pan. I love Space Mountain so maybe I should rope drop that, and then hit a few things Tomorrowland, before a 7DMT FP+?

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