Help with plans and FP

This is the first time j am using this and trying to figure out how to sept up these touring plans. I am wanting it to tell me what i need to get my Fast passes for, I don’t pick them till July. Also can i pick a restaurant that is off site, or do i just need to call it a break?

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Start by adding in all the rides and shows you want on your day. Then optimize. It’ll make suggestions as to what you might want to get a FP for. Then at the top, add in the FP and times you think you’ll get (or you have) and optimize again or evaluate, if you’re ready to start massaging the plan to suit your needs.

If you have a restaurant to add, then you add that, not a break. It’ll ask you where you’re eating from a drop down menu. That’s how it knows the amount of time it will take to get there and back to your next leg. You add in how much time you’ll spend there. For breaks that are out of the park, you can check off “leaving park” and it will know to add that time.

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You do have to add restaurants as a “break” if the restaurant is not within the park you are visiting.

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Be sure to expand the Advanced Options in the Fast Pass section of your touring plan, and set the number of FP you will use. The Force Optimize to Use Fast Pass - try it with and without that selected to see what it does with your plans. You may end up selecting a different one.

thank you, this did should me some