Help with planning


no I am totally lost…I wanted to buy the tickets for mvmcp for Sunday 16th but it seems now to be sold out…the other option is Friday 14th or Tuesday 18th but I am also trying to put IOA in the plan…we can’t afford express tickets (family of 7)…could you help me choose what day to do each park?
also…I read in your site that the more expensive mvmcp the more busy…so the 18th is also so close to Christmas…

or would it be less crowded if we go during the day?

sorry for all the questions but it is our first time and want to enjoy it to the most.


What dates you going to be there, all told?

As far as choosing between Friday, Dec. 14, and Tuesday, Dec. 18, based on the UT crowd calendar information, Tuesday is less busy than Friday. Plus, Friday has MK Extra Magic Hours, so that would add to the crowds, I think, of the day in general. I’d do MK on Tuesday, then, when there are no EMH but the MVMCP is going on in the evening.

ETA: Making assumptions here that you will be there at least 5 days, starting on Friday, Dec. 14.

Here would be my recommendation:

Friday: AK
Saturday: HS
Sunday: IOA
Monday: Epcot
Tuesday: MK w/MVMCP

Thank you very much. What about if I only will go to LEGOLAND , IOA and MVMCP?

I really appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face:

happy holidays

Oh. You’re only going to MVMCP and not to the other Disney parks?

Anyhow, I guess I’d do IOA on Sunday, Legoland on Monday, and MVMCP on Tuesday. Or maybe Legoland on Sunday, and IOA on Monday…although, Sunday and Monday look like they are fairly equal for IOA at this point.

Crowds start to pick up after that, though.

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thanks Ryan

what about if we do legoland tomorrow Friday, IAO on Sunday or is it better on Monday and then MVMCP on Wednesday?
thanks a lot for your help… really appreciate it

At this point, your guess is probably as good as mine. However, MVMCP isn’t on Wednesday, but on Tuesday. But Tuesday is the lowest CL for the remainder of the year, then it picks up from there.