Help with Photo pass Memory Maker

So just found out that you can no longer add stickers and borders to your photos. I had called last month to guest services and they said you still could. After got back from trip found out can only do it with iPhone… I have droid. Can’t do anything on computer either. Anyone know any tricks so I can do the borders and stickers? Does it work with an ipad?

I’m curious, too. We will be in WDW in 3 weeks. I love the borders and stickers!

I found this online. See if it works and let me know.

I’m working on ours right now. I can add stickers and borders on my iPhone and iPad. Can not add them on my laptop. Hope that helps!

stlouie I think that article was for iPhone and ipad.

molly_ann I have droid, but hoping to borrow an ipad to do it. I’ve never used one, can you explain how to do it? How do you download them to print? From what I’ve read, it says it won’t keep them in your account??? Appreciate any help!

I just played with it on my phone (should be same for Ipad). In the MDE app, you click on a pic and then click Edit. There are options for Crop, Filter, Stickers, and Borders. After you’re done editing, you click the check mark at the bottom. Then click on another check mark at the bottom and a box pops up that says Exporting Image. I then had the option to save the file to the device or send it via text or email. The edited image is not saved in my Disney account. All edits go away after you save or send it.

Thank you for the info.
I’m on an ipad and I don’t see an edit button. When I click on the photo it has the donwload, share and garbage icons.
Any idea why I don’t have an edit button?

You need to use the reply button on the Liner’s post in order for them to be notified by email they have a chat. Or use their handle, @deek, @molly_ann.

@molly_ann in the best position to answer your question. I don’t leave for WDW until Monday. Best wishes.