Help with Park Order

Hi All,

Anyone want to help me decide on a basic itinerary? I can’t come up with one that I’m happy with.

Flight arrives 9am on sunday Oct 28th leaving 9am Saturday Nov 3rd. Staying at AoA
Myself, husband, my parents, and our 2 boys 3 &5
Musts - visit All 4 parks, MNSSHP, eating at T-rex in Disney Springs, and fantasmic package. We are morning people!
Right now we have 4 day tickets plus planning on mnsshp. may bump up to 5. Considering hoppers but would rather avoid it as it’s pricey for 6 people.
Appreciate any thoughts!

If you want to ride FoP, I suggest leaving AK to day 3 or later.

And with no experience to back this up, I would think the MNSSHP nights after Halloween itself would be quieter, albeit infinitesimally.

Start in order MK, EP, HS, AK, I would also add a extra day to go back and see what you might have missed. Do your TP and see what you can fit in a day then you might have a better insight to need for an extra day or park hoppers.

I would bump up to 5 day tickets definitely.

I didn’t think the Halloween party was offered beyond oct 31 @Nicky_S ?

Oh, I thought there were one or two. But maybe not.

Nov 1 is the start of Christmas decorations. Literally overnight transformation.

If you are morning ppl, and you have hoppers, and you are paying for emh by staying onsite, I’d say that if any park has am amh, your morning choice is made that day.

Just found that last year they did have a Halloween party on Nov 1st.

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I’m anxiously awaiting the schedule as I will be there for the crossover - oct/nov. :slight_smile: