Help with online ADR's

I’ve run into a problem while making our ADR’s for a trip in June. My 180 day window opened yesterday, and I was able to to make ADR’s for the first 5 days of our trip. I am , however, not able to book anything after June 21st, despite the fact that our trip ends on June 25th. I should mention that I have a split stay (from Cabin at Fort Wilderness to Beach Club DVC rental) and we change resorts on June 21st. The calendar does show all 10 of my dates shaded in light blue, so I believe the whole trip is linked in MDE. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I’m trying to avoid being on hold for hours, but perhaps I should just call?

This is how it works for a split stay. You have two separate windows for booking ADRs.

For Fastpasses you will just have one booking window.