Help with my Sept MK plan

September 27 2019 - EMH (am)
I finally scored BoG at 7:40 and 7:55am - had to split my party of 6. Would best plan be to RD 7DMT then go to breakfast? CL is low (2) this day

FP+ I have secured are: PPFlight 8:15; TomoroSpdwy 9:25; and BuzzSRS 10:25.

Other must rides for this day are: Aladin; PoC; Splash & Space Mountain.

Dinner ADR at Crystal Palace for 6:35pm.

I figured we could get all of this stuff in with low wait times due to crowd level PLUS we have MNSSHP tickets for this night.

Welcome @sallysue1820 ! I would RD 7DMT if you didn’t get a FP for it. You will need to head to PPF right after BOG. If you’re late for BOG (like 20+) minutes, you could miss your PPF FP window.

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Thats what I thought - i moved my FP to PPF to 8:35 just in case AND I plan on pre-ordering our meals. - except we have one in our party with a food allergy. . . any idea how that works with online ordering?

I haven’t done online ordering but you could call Disney Guest Services and see if it’s available. I would think it would be. There may be a thread on online ordering with food allergies. I would search for it.

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An allergy menu should be available when you order.

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Remember that MK has extra magic hours for hotel guests at 7 am. BOG won’t really help you get on Mine Train. Sorry.

I read your post again. You are right in your planning. BOG AFTER Mine Train. Have a great time!!

I went to MK the same week last year, I would consider using your Tomorrowland speedway fast pass for a different ride as a I had no issue getting one the same day in the afternoon after using my three initial passes.

I swapped my Speedway FP for Space Mountain instead!

Im getting so excited

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