Help with my HS plan

I’m having a hard time figuring out my Hollywood Studios plan. The background information: there is EMH scheduled that day, which we can take advantage of. Travelling with a 3 year old who might not hit 38" in time, although our fingers are tightly crossed and we’re planning as though he will, and a 6 year old whose favourite ride was Star Tours and who badly wants to do Jedi Training.

I’m hoping to get a Slinky Dog FPP (we’ll be 60+4) at 9am, but so is everybody, right? So I’ll fit that in as I can. We have a Droid Depot reservation at 10:05 and Oga’s at 11:20 - I know it’s not super kid friendly, I mostly just want to see inside. We will have another HS day, so I’m planning to spend this day focusing mainly on the Star Wars stuff, and I want to have enough time to wander around the land.

My thinking is to spend the EMM hour in TSL doing TSMM, meet Woody and Bo, and Swirling Saucers if there’s time, and then head over to Galaxy’s Edge, but the timings on that don’t seem great - a lot of free time, and we’re way too late to the Oga’s reservation. Is this not the way to go? Should I go straight to SW:GE?

Here’s the plan, open to any suggestions:

Edited to add now that I’m looking at the plan, I wonder if I actually need another day at Hollywood Studios? I know for a lot of people it’s a two day park but neither of our kids are going to be tall enough for ToT, RnR, or RotR…

I see the free time from EMM you mentioned. Would you want to use that to go eat at the EMM buffet? You paid for that food, you might as well grab some of it.

It looks like you may need to consider cutting SDD, unless you squeeze it in during EMM. Even with FPP you are 20+ minutes late to your Oga’s reservation.

Since this is a March 2020 reservation who knows if MFSR will still have a 70 minute wait. Will that queue go down once RotR open? Will the queue time go up with more people, possibly, coming to SWGE now that both attractions are open?

IMHO – Your planning efforts are stuck until after The New Year until you can see how SWGE is performing with both attractions open.

Also – while I do believe EMM will come back to DHS I haven’t seen any dates in 2020 yet. Have you been able to purchase?

Sorry, acronym mix-up - I meant EMH, not EMM.

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No worries.Pretty much everything else still applies… late to Oga’s and uncertainty of SWGE until 2020.

Can you swap Star Tours (and/or Jedi training) with Smuggler’s Run in your plan? Move your FP time. This will ensure you are to Oga’s on time. A little annoying from a walking perspective, I know.

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This does solve the problem, and even reduces the wait a bit for Smuggler’s Run - what a great suggestion, thank you!

Do you think the TSL makes sense before SW:GE, or should I just skip it entirely, dedicate the full morning to SW:GE, and fit TSL in later or on our other day?

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@ryan1 is a planner. He knows the most efficient use of time in the parks. :slight_smile:

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It’s always tough for me to advise people to crisscross the park / retrace their steps. This updated plan is much better. I’m not sure how to advise RD this far in advance at DHS until at least RotR opens.

That is hard to say. From the planning I’ve been playing around with, it makes sense to move Smuggler’s Run later than earlier unless you plan to be there really early ahead of RD. Otherwise, SR queues fill up within initial crowds. But after lunch time, those determined to do SR earlier are out of the way and lines start to taper off.

So, moving SWGE entirely to morning might increase wait times all around because now you’re chasing the heaviest crowds.

On the other hand, you might not be able to get that SDD FP…at least not early in the day. You might also toy around with a plan that has you using a FP for Toy Story Mania and RDing SDD instead as an alternative.

I also see you have some pockets of free time in your plan. In particular, 41 minutes between Frozen and BATB. If you get your second Tier 2 FP for BATB, you might then move your Launch Bay meets in between without fear of missing BATB. This would give you a fairly large bank of time after BATB to do some things you might have otherwise missed or want to do again, such as Alien Swirling Saucers, etc.

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Or at least I play one on TV. :wink:

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Wow, you should charge money for this service! This works out exactly (although I’m a bit skeptical of the 0 minute wait for Darth Vader) - thank you!

Oh, don’t worry. The bill is in the mail. :wink:

Yes. I agree. I have my doubts. But if you need to drop something to make it to BATB you can always come back to it later and perhaps secure a same-day FP for it after you tap in for BATB.

Here’s an article of what it’s like this week doing RD in TSL

We have similar aged kids (6 and soon to be 4). We couldn’t make HS work as a group so we are splitting up. Oldest is a huge Star Wars fan while youngest does not care at all (even uninterested in Jedi training). My husband and oldest are doing Star Wars mostly with some TSL at RD. The youngest and I are doing TSL at RD and then a few shows before meeting back up for lunch at Docking Bay. We planned to watch Indiana as a group and then split up again. The youngest and I are going back to the hotel to swim while oldest and husband stay and finish up with the Star Wars stuff. Meet up again for dinner later on.

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This isn’t the first time I’ve seen TP say the Darth Vader M&G “should” take 0 - 2 minutes. It’s an odd glitch.

Either that, or everyone’s just terrified to meet Vader…with his Jedi death grip and all that. :wink:

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