Help with my Epcot day

I’m needing help planning our day at Epcot. We are planning 2 days there one of which is an EMH morning. We have a 930 ADR at garden grill that day. Since EMH mean Epcot opens 8am would it be a good plan to arrive RD hit frozen ever after/soarin if possible before breakfast. I can also try going to garden gril on a different day with at 830am with 9am park open. Will that let me out too late for more crowds ( first week December)

I think that plan would work but what else are you planning on doing? I cannot imagine any other attraction having long lines. What will you FP?

I agree with @PrincipalTinker. Something to really consider is with Ellen will be closed by that time, without your GG reservation, Future World in reality can be done by noon on an any regular day. If I were doing a two days I’d plan fastpasses as if they were separate parks. Future World one day with your GG, then World Showcase with FEA. Saves running all over the place. But your mileage may vary!

If you can get GG at 8:30 at a 9am opening you have a good chance of getting seated early, much closer to 8am. We did it last year and we were out in time to be first in line for meeting Joy and Sadness(they were new then and lines got long). We didn’t wait for all the characters though I don’t think at breakfast.