Help with my avatar on this forum

I have been trying to set up my profile and can't upload a pic as my avatar. I'm on my phone. I see the change avatar button and click on upload photo link but nothing happens. Can this only be done on a PC or am I missing something?

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I have the same problem.

I had the same issue yesterday. Eventually it just showed up. If you're getting the warning that they've cropped your uploaded image to make it square, I think you're uploading it correctly and your avatar will show up after awhile.

@DoUwannaBuildAsnowma and @MissiMouse - what kind of device and browser are you using? We can try to replicate the issue. Thanks!

I'm on a samsung Galaxy Note 3 using the default "Internet" browser @lentesta.

I couldn't get it to work on my pc.

I am on a samsung galaxy also using default browser.

OK - thanks @DoUwannaBuildAsnowma and @MissiMouse. The Galaxy Note 3 default browser seems to be a common issue. I'll send it on to the devs for investigation.

@DoUwannaBuildAsnowma i was able to do it from my PC, fyi.

Omg, only took me 4 edits to tag you. Lol

Yesterday I could not see my avatar (on computer), even though others could. Today it is there. Think it just takes some time.

Can this be done within the first 24 hours of logging on for the first time? I haven't been able to upload a picture. I'm on my mac on safari...I was hoping I'd be able to upload this evening once I hit the 24 hour mark. Thanks!

This continues to be an issue for me on my PC - Windows 8, Chrome. I went to try and change it from what I set on my phone. I select the picture, click "open" and it just takes me back to the the same screen for changing the avatar. And it ended up deleting the pic that I had added from my phone and putting me back to the default avatar.

I think I just changed my avatar (on iMac) - if I ever get forum to work on any other device, I'll see if the avatar shows up properly!

@WeHave2GoBack I see your picture smile let me know if you did anything special. Thanks!

Thanks, @jhulighan. Nothing special, just clicked on upload a custom picture on my profile page, and it worked. My picture even needed to be cropped slightly, and the machine did it for me. This was from my iMac - not sure how it works to upload from the phone.

Been trying on my PC (Windows7, IE 9) and I get to the upload screen, select my picture, and then nothing happens.