Help with MVMCP Schedule

We are headed to MVMCP on Tuesday, 12/19, including DD8 and DD5. Planning to enter MK by 5pm and hoping my girls will last until about 10:30pm. Here are things we would love to do-

  • See Elsa light the castle (6:15pm or 8:15)
  • See Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration (7:40pm or 9:25pm)
  • See the first parade at 8:30pm
  • Holiday Wishes at 10pm
  • Meet princesses and princes (a must do for my girls)
  • Get a few treats and enjoy the atmosphere, maybe stop briefly by the dance party or other performances
  • Hop on a few rides (but not huge priority… we will do this based on low waits. They love the teacups and carousel)

I would love ideas of how we best plan this. I’m especially wondering how we get spots to see the parade and shows and where to try to get a spot. Ideally, I’d love the view of main street, the castle, and snow, but I know this is what everyone wants. I don’t want the front row view enough to wait for hours. I would rather be enjoying the party.