Help with MM share

Anyone able to answer a MM share question? I am leading a share, but am having a problem. I have been able to link my group members with MDE accounts to the dummy account, but I cannot get MDE to find the people that my group members manage. Everyone with an MDE account is already linked with the dummy account. Now I’m just trying to connect the spouses, children, etc. that they manage. I know they should show up when I try to “Find through my connected guests” but they aren’t showing up. The permissions are set to shared list, and we have tried it with only shared plans, and with all plans. Has anyone had any problem with that recently? I’m thinking it may be an IT issue.

Yes I have. Are the others staying onsite? If yes try to link via the resort confirmation instead.

I’m leading one now too, and there are a lot of bugs on MDE. None of the other guests showed up on the linked guests, so then I used the resort confirmation numbers and even that didn’t work half the time. I would see al their guests and would click “connect with” for each person, but then the email to connect would be sent to my own email address and they wouldn’t get an email. Eventually I had to add about half of our group of 22 individually—entering first and last names and birthdays for the minors and then sending the invite. Kind of a hassle but we got it figured out eventually.

There is a new limit on how many people can be linked to your MDE for photo sharing. I thought it was 20 but it might be 25. Let me see if I can find the policy.

“Each Memory Maker Guest will have the ability to view and download or unlock unexpired shared photos and other digital content from up to 25 members on his/her Family & Friends list during his/her Memory Maker window”

Yes, it’s 25.

So, I ended up calling Disney. They had to manually add the few people that I couldn’t connect. I asked if it was a glitch. They said that they often have to manually add people that are “managed by” someone else.