Help with MK TP

I was psyched about getting all our desired FPP this morning. I plugged times into my TP for 3/9 and optimized, but all 3 are falling outside the FPP window. What gives? Suggestions? TIA!

access denied :anguished:

Just made it public. Thanks for letting me know.

Another note: We plan to ride SDMT twice at RD, right after our pre-RD BOG res. The TP wasn’t accommodating walking time for us being right there, so I just added it in as my own 40-minute step at the beginning of the day. If you have other suggestions on that, please let me know. But my biggest concern is re: the TP.

Still says access denied. You might have to paste the link again


It seems that after re-optimizing like 10 times, the previous time issue resolved. But now FPPs are recommended for attractions in between use of my current FPPs. What to do about this?

I’m not sure what the issue is but access is still being denied.

From what you just posted, instead of doing the re-optimizing, after you have optimized it 1 time, make any adjustments and then do evaluate. This is what I do when I make up a plan to start, then after every adjustment, I only evaluate. You can also force TP to use the times of the FPP.

I hope this helps.

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Now issues with day 2 at AK: My FPP at EE falls in correct time frame, but the one for KS does not, and the TP tells me it won’t use my FPP for Lion King. What’s going on?

It helps if I use the correct link :joy::

And here’s the correct link for AK:

I did a quick look and your Kilimanjaro safari FP is out of the FP time window. My suggestion, if you want to do this like you had, is go do Kilimanjaro Safari then the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail then head back to Festival of the Lion King. This should help with what you are doing.

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How long is typically recommended to be at Lion King before show time? Is a FPP needed for the 11:00 show on a CL 6 day for that? Maybe I should modify that FPP for seomething else?

20 minutes is more then enough unless you want to be in the very front then you would want to be there at least 30 minutes, at least that is what I have heard. I’ve never used a FPP for this and have shown up 5 minutes before the show and was still able to get a seat, just in the back.

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Saw FoLK SB on a CL 10 day at 11 and we got in line about 30 minutes early. Probably didn’t need to get in line that early for a seat. Even if we have a FP we normally miss the FP window and walk in 5 minutes before the show.

For your MK day, first you know you can get in at 7:45 and usually show up at BoG early. By the time we got to BoG at 8, there is a wait to check in, order food (even with preordering) and I was hurrying everyone out to get in the 7D line outside of BOG at 8:40. You don’t know when they will let you over anywhere from 8:45 to 8:55. Also, You don’t want to plan on getting out of the restaurant 5 minute before opening because you won’t know if the RD line will be there or not. Neither of my pre RD BOG reservations gave us a 2nd ride as the RD crowd was already there but it looks like you planned to wait in line for the 2nd ride. However, it looks like you are ok waiting 40 minutes for the 2nd ride.

We love CHH for lunch and I hated Pinocchio. No comparison for food.

You should look for a 4th FP for IASW. You should be able to get one for that time and save time waiting.

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How long does it take to walk from entry @ MK to Tomorrowland Speedway? Is there usually much of a wait for the Speedway if you do it first thing in the morning?
Also, is the Barnstormer a pretty lame ride for a 9 yr. old boy?

There will not be much of a line first thing in the morning. Tomorrowland Speedway is one of my DS5s favorite things and my least favorite queue (loud and stinky)! Barnstormer is a pretty tame ride and lasts only about a minute or less. Our family thinks its fun enough to do every trip but its not an actual thrill ride IMO.


If you’re son is a thrill seeker, then yes Barnstormer is pretty lame by 9. My son was bored by it at 5 or 6 - but if he’s hesitant about coasters it’s a very good intro to them as they won’t be scared. So it really depends on the kid.

Speedway queue should be easy early - the only caveat is they don’t run all the lanes early so it’s somewhat of a slow start. i.e. they don’t come up and run at capacity but let the queue build some and then will add more lanes.

thanks. What’s your take on the Monsters, Inc. show?

I think it’s amusing for all ages. It’s always been a must do for us and my son still likes it. It’s usually a short wait, AC and sit down plus it tends to be funny - if your son knows the Monster characters at all he should like it. It’s certainly not a headliner, but it’s always a good time.