Help with memory maker pass

I just got back from Disney:( I have some friends that are going in a couple of weeks and I wanted them to take advantage of my memory maker package. How do I go about this?

  1. Become friends with them on My Disney Experience.
  2. Make sure you invite EVERYONE in their party to be part of your “Friends and Family” list.
  3. Don’t start downloading your photos for about 14 days (photos are good for 45 days in the system and downloads for 30 days after your first download, at least that has always been the policy, not sure if any recent changes.)
  4. Edit whatever photos of your family you want in PhotoPass, then download them
  5. Either edit/download your friends’ photos, or give them the username/password you use for MDE and let them access your MDE account and do their own edits and downloads.
  6. Consider buying a CD of your photos… on sale until September 13th; not sure if you can pay now and get it shipped later, or if you have to just wait until they’re done their trip then buy it if you want. You could call them to ask. - DOWNLOADS BECOME SLOW AND CUMBERSOME THE MORE OFTEN THEY ARE DONE.