Help with me a 3-park 1-day plan?

Liners! Please help me here…

I am going to fly down to Orlando for a one-day, 3 park experience with DD25 this weekend. Since I just got back from a week-long trip and did everything I wanted, this trip is about what she wants.

Our goal is to start the day at HS, with the following attractions:

Slinky Dog
Tower of Terror
Toy Story Mania
Millenium Falcon

Hop to EP at 2 pm for:

Test Track
Some Festival food

Hop to MK around 6 for:

Haunted Mansion

So, my plan is this - let me know if I have major flaws here:

Staying at AoA, so at 7 am, we will both hit our phones to get ILL$ for:

Rise, Guardians, Tron

And LL for Slinky Dog

I think the order needs to be:

Device 1: Try for Tron for around 7 pm-ish, then Rise for around 10 am-ish
Device 2: Guardians around 3 pm-ish and Slinky LL for as early as possible

I can go for LL’s in a park I’m not in, as long as I have hoppers and times are after 2, right?

If so, my goal after hitting the Slinky LL are to go in the following order through day after tap in/2 hours:


With hopefully the following TP working out:

Hollywood at EE (8 am)

Rope drop tower of tower
LL Slinky
LL Toy Story mania
Rise ILL
Single rider for milennium falcon or LL

Hop to Epcot at 2

Single rider test track
Guardians ILL
LL Soarin

Hop to MK at 6 pm

LL Haunted Mansion
LL Space
ILL Tron
LL Buzz
Park close at 11

Does this seem possible/any major flaws in my logic? I’ve gotten good at G+/ILL but haven’t tried for 3 parks in a day with it… TIA!


The one flaw I see is you can’t get 3 $ILL in one day (unless I’ve missed something where that’s changed.) You might have to VQ one of them to be successful. Or attempt to rope drop ROTR instead of TOT and then you could get $ILL for the other two.


Seems to still be two per day:

This has been done before

You’ll be done hs by 11 or so. Do you know what you want to do until 2? The park hop rules are so annoying! You could use that time to wait in line for rise instead of ill (since you can only have two).

Forgot about the 2 a day. We could VQ guardians and come late for it as long as they are still allowing that? Or could rope drop rise as you’ve said.

Gotta make this work! Thank you!!

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Is it reliable to count on or did someone have a fluke?

As of right now, they are still allowing you to enter late for VQ for GoTG.

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This seems like a very feasible plan, excluding the 3 ILL concern, was never an issue for us so I’m not aware of this - but I’d recommend Guardians through the VQ given return time flexibility. One tweak I’d recommend is to make the Slinky LL your first priority for device 2, since the sooner you get that, the sooner you can book your next LL. And if you do it right at 7:00:00 you should get a very good LL (we routinely got 8:45 or 8:50 a.m. via BG1).

I agree you’re going to have more time than you need at HS, might be a nice time to catch a show or table service meal before you park hop. Another option if your daughter likes to repeat rides would be to RD Slinky followed by TSMM and then do them again with LL at regular park open. You’re taking a bit of a chance on getting a ToT LL after that but given all the time you have before park hopping, I’m sure you’d get one before 1 p.m. We had no trouble getting both SDD (once) and TSMM x2 in during EE two weeks ago.

I believe so. (It’s an advanced strategy)

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Clearly, need to hop over to Animal Kingdom; you’ve got a chance to hit for the cycle!

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