Help with making a plan

Hi Im playing around with a MK plan and it lets me put my breakfast reservation in and it will let me add my dinner reservation but wont add it to my plan. The only difference that I xan work out is it wont let me fill in the field next to meal duration. I assume this field is about waiting to be seated??? It says +/- 10 min, or +/- 15 mind etc. Any advice?

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That’s for how flexible you’re dining plan is. For example, if you were doing quick service at 1pm but you were okay showing up b/w 12:30-1:30pm you’d choose 30 minutes for flexibility.

My advice would be to try it on the PC and see if works there. I believe the default is 10 min flexibility.

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Have you tried other resturants at that time? I typically do touring plans on a PC so I’m not exactly sure the process you are going through. Could you potentially just make it a break and add the details in?