Help with Kidani Studio Savannah View room request

So I’ve read up all I could find and I think I have a pretty good handle on what part of the building I want to request in. I’m torn a bit about what floor. I see on the TP page with all the info that it says “Low level rooms tend to have limited views of the savanna”. I would think that being too high might also make it hard to see the animals?

Also, I like the idea of being on 2 so that we can easily get to the lobby, laundry, transportation etc - but worry that it might also be noisier. Is there a stairway from upper floors or only an elevator? If stairs, where are they located?

Thanks for any help/suggestions offered!

We stayed in a savanna view studio on the 3rd floor last May (room 7306). I really liked this floor for animal viewing as it was high enough up to see the whole savanna, but close enough to see individual animals.

We were close to the lobby and our area was very quiet. No issues with noise at all. I’m not sure if there was a stairwell nearby.


I’ve stayed on all floors, i’d choose 3 first4 second. Nice to be up a bit yet feel close, yes off the 2nd floor traffic. the elevators — to me — seem faster than at Jambo, and there are plenty of decently handy stairwells for quick ups and downs

i’d aim for 3rd floor close to lobby, which side depends on how much you care about easier access to pool area vs transportation/walk to Jambo/communityroom/laundry


Funny enough I picked a 3rd floor room with 4th floor as 2nd choice for my Kidani stay in April. I did choose closer to the pool, so not super close to the lobby but also not wicked far away. Good to know my 3rd floor choice was on target

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