Help, with HS breakfast reservation choice!

Our HS day is 2-05 which recently had the opening extended to 8:00am.

This morning additional FPPs dropped for SDD which I modified to 8:40am from 2:45pm.

My dilemma now is when to have breakfast. We have H&V reservations at both 8:00am and 10:00am. Which should we keep??? Thinking the 8:00am would allow us to hopefully being sitting in peace at a table while refreshing for a ROTR boarding group and avoiding long lines first thing at opening with so many people in the park trying to get boarding groups.

My concern is will we really be seated by then or possibly still standing in line, will being inside hurt my signal and chances at a low BG, etc. therefore making the 10;00am a better choice.

Set me straight! Thanks in advance!

You should have excellent Wifi in HW and your chances of an early boarding group will go up since you are not on the same Wifi node as everyone else in the world who is waiting just inside the park. Rejoice and take the 8 am breakfast. We ended up with burgers at 9:30 in the morning due to the lack of breakfast options besides HW.


Tell me more about Wifi nodes! What is the range of a node?

It depends on what is in the way. This restaurant will have at least one router covering the space inside. Those in the restaurant will have Wifi fed from that router or one closer that is outside. Since those without dining reservations will be on fewer access points in the main area at HS waiting they will have slower response times than those in or around The restaurant.

I would keep the 10:00 breakfast. You could potentially try to use or burn all your FPs by that point if everything works out and then while you eat breakfast grab a 4th FP and if you got a BG regroup and plan the rest of your day


Very cool info, thx.

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