Help with Harry Potter-based Touring Plan

We are veteran DW and DL commandos, but we will be new to Universal - being attracted by Harry Potter. We will be two adults and one well trained 7.5yo. We will have had one week at DW (not commando style as we are traveling with relatives) and will have had a rest day the day before we head to Universal, on a Sunday in mid to late August. We will be staying offsite and only have one day-two park tickets.

In working on the customized touring plan, it seems that it always puts Gringotts in the evening. Is this really the best approach? I assume that it thinks that Gringotts line will get long fast and not drop until evening, so it is better to do other things first before their lines get long. Not a ridiculous plan, but I was hoping someone with experience could comment.

Right now, we are contemplating going to Ollivander’s first to get an interactive wand, then riding the Hogwarts express. We would do IoA (starting with Harry Potter stuff) until maybe 2pm, then head back to do the rest of US, being back on Diagon Alley by maybe 5 and doing Gringotts around 7.

Does anyone have a sense of whether this will really work? Or is there too much risk waiting on Gringotts until that late? Should we have a contingent plan about “if Gringotts is still less than 20 minutes when we check at opening then ride it and otherwise wait”?


Gringotts wait time is lowest in the evening about 90 mins before closing. Avoid at opening at all costs and do DM first as that wait only gets longer. The other time gringotts gets a bit quieter is around 12noon but evening is best Make few diff tp and see what happens Personally I would start in USF with DM then olivanders in DA as it has 3 rooms so is quicker. Then Hogwarts express to ioa. Tour ioa and have lunch in 3 broomsticks then get hogwarts back tour usf and eat at Fast food boulevard(Simpsons) Then spend last 2 -3hours in DA

Trust your TP @anduin ! I rode gringotts 3 times in a row with no wait whatsoever just before closing time in June. It really does empty out in the evening!

Thanks you for the reassurance. We’ll stick with the to.

We were just at Universal at the end of June. Our most successful Harry Potter touring was done in the evenings. On a Tuesday night, we walked into the line for Gringotts shortly after 9 p.m. We waited about 10 minutes, rode the ride with child swap, walked to the Hogwarts Express, rode the Express to Islands of Adventure, and were in line for Forbidden Journey before 10. We basically walked right onto Forbidden Journey and therefore completed three major Harry Potter attractions in under 1 hour. Early entry lines were much longer.