Help with FPP

I'm gearing up to make my FPP selections on Monday. This time around I will be trying to make FPP for extended family that will be with us. I tried a practice senecio today and used the copy feature which worked but only with the adults I'm linked to. There kids were not accessible. However if they went into their account they could copy their children. Am I going about this the right way or am I missing something? All the kids except for mine are under 9 and do not have MDE account. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Have your adult family members made profiles for their children? If they have, then you should have am option to link their family and friends to your account. It's one of the options

@SallyEppcot they do have profiles. I guess I'm not linked to them. I'll try later to add them to family and friends. So just to confirm, I should be able to have all family members regardless of age in my MDE to select. Thanks for your help. It sure is easier doing just the 4 of us!

Yes, you should have them all as a list in MDE. However, some names might be grayed out on the FP selection page until the 60 day window opens up depending on how they bought tickets. Room packages seem to show up differently.