Help with FPP selections

I'm just over a week until my FPP date (staying at AOA).

I need help figuring out my FPP selections for each day. HELP!

We have 8 day tickets (no park hopper) but we do have water parks added (my kids LOVE waterparks). We land about 10:30am the Saturday after Thanksgiving and plan to check out MK that evening (post nap so probably around 4pm) We then have an ADR for Chef Mickey's the next morning at 8:45am then plan to kid the MK for that day... the remainder or our week is AK, MK, EP, HS, MK & on our last day our flight is about 7:30pm and we were thinking about HS for the morning.

At the time of my visit my boys will be 2.75 yrs and 4.75 yrs. They LOVE rides but the older one needs to warm up a bit and does not like scary things. He doesn't think a rollercoaster is scary but I think would find something like Haunted Mansion scary. Last measured about 1 month ago (without shoes) the older one was 43.25 inches and younger one 39 inches. The yonger one still naps so we plan to tour in the morning until about 1pm or MAYBE 2pm each day.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Assuming that you have 2 adults, this is what I would do:

Animal Kingdom:
Scary: tough to be a bug, Dino and Everest
FPP: Safari, Character greet, Lion King show ( or rapids if you plan to ride it )

Hollywood Studios:
Scary: tower of terror, great movie ride
FPP: toy story mania, disney jr, star tours
Last day: toy story, little mermaid, star tours

Scary: figment (possibly when it goes dark for "sound test"
FPP: character greet, nemo, get 1ad/1ch test track and 1ad/1ch soarin then get rider swap for each.

Magic kingdom:
Scary: haunted mansion, stitch, pirates of the caribbean
FPP 1st evening: wishes, electric parade, town square mickey
FPP full day 1: enchanted tales with belle, Peter Pan, festival of fantasy parade
FPP full day 2: seven dwarves mine train, splash/big thunder (1ad/1ch ea and use rider swap to go again with other adult), Peter Pan

Make MK FPP early in day so you can get 4th, 5th, etc for others like small world, buzz, etc.


I generally agree with all of the FPP selection. In order to do a "true" rider swap, BOTH adults must have an FPP (the first rides while the second stays with the child, then the second rides while the first stays with the child. With your recommendation, one person will be waiting outside with the kids while the other goes in to ride; they'd have to flip a coin to see who rides TT and who rides Soarin'...

Has there been a change to rider switch? Used to be only the 1st riders needed fpp and I'm not aware of any changes.

Haven't used it in a long time so things may have changed. I'll wait for others to weigh in...