Help with Forum Picture

Helloo, Forum Liners! Haven’t been on this side for a very long time. I should come over this way more often, reading some good stuff.

My question: who should I get to put a picture of a starfish in my little sign of S there? I found a usable picture quite a while ago, but I’m clueless to work w that sort of thing on computer.

My daughter & son (he actually does computer graphics for some of his job) are good at this but I keep forgetting to ask when I see them (daughter lives out west, son by canadian border). Hmm.


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Click on your S symbol in the top right corner of your page, then click on your user name. This will bring you to your profile. Then click on preferences. You should then see a thing that says profile picture. Next to that is an edit button. That should allow you to upload it from your computer where you have it saved. I hope that helps!

Thanks @Hakuna- It would help anyone who knows anything about pasting or whatever you call it to do that haha:grin:.

If I can get my daughter or son to look at it with me, could they do that for me from away? This sounds like a really stupid question, but oh well. I’m a senior & retired for 11 yrs now, so I’m spoiled, never had to do any of this, had it done for me at my job.

Hey @Hakuna- I tried it & it worked, anyways for a sort of picture, a lighthouse which you can’t really see, but thank you so much!

I’ll talk to my son this weekend to see how if possible I can get that cute starfish picture over to the picture instead :grin:

If they have your picture saved and you give them your username and password they will be able to do it for you from wherever they are! :slight_smile:

Yay! I’m glad you got it! :smiley: