Help with first ever room request

Tomorrow is the 30 day mark for our first ever vacation to WDW…and the day the room request goes out. I’m the kind of person that just shows up and is happy. This price tag for the Poly stay is making me choosier.

I selected a room through TP room finder and left all that pre-fill stuff in, but need help with the box where I put in additional info. I figure this is where the reasons why I want that room and prioritization of those factors should go when, inevitably, the whole line of rooms associated with my chosen room are all filled! I also included a blurb about WHY we liked our selection specifically.

Here’s what I have right now (WE BOOKED Marina):
"I would like to request FIJI longhouse, any upper floor room:
1st Priority-Fiji Longhouse
2nd Priority-3rd or 2nd floor (3rd floor better than 2nd floor)
3rd Priority-Marina View not necessary if we can be in Fiji 3RD or 2ND FLOOR!

We are celebrating our FIRST TRIP to Disney World and we will actually be spending time in the room. We LOVE the Lagoon area with its beach/marina landscapes, so THANK YOU for any magic you might be able to work toward a great watery view and beach-y location!"

Any advice?

edit: Should I also call in this info and add it to my reservation? we have terrible luck and are the people for whom IT persistently fails.

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Couple of things:

Did you BOOK a pool/marina view? If so, no need to request that. If not, I’d leave that off as it will just confuse the assigner since you’re requesting a category you didn’t book. (Pretty sure TP prompts you to make sure you are requesting the room type you reserved.)

Also, putting “3rd or 2nd floor” can be confusing. If you didn’t book Marina View, I’d put 2nd floor as the third priority - as long as you realize the second floor does NOT have a balcony.

I would go with something like

"We are so excited for our first trip to Walt Disney World!

We have reserved [insert type of room here] and would like to request:
1st priority - Fiji Longhouse
2nd priority - Third floor

Thank you for making magic happen every day!"

Unless you are cool with 2nd floor without a balcony, I’d just leave a third priority off.

And just remember - a request is only a request. Many people are on their first visit - or a special visit for other reasons. They simply cannot fulfill everyone’s request.

edit: NO. If you’re using TP do NOT call or fill anything in on the request section of online check-in. That is liable to override the TP email.


We booked Marina/Pool. We don’t want 1st floor and would rather be in a non-marina view Fiji room on the 2nd or 3rd floor than near a pool. That’s what I’m going for. I guess that’s why I am confused about how to word it.

The thing is, if you booked Marina/Pool, that is the category they’ll put you in. You generally can’t downgrade the room just to be in a location.

If you don’t want 1st floor, I’d make 2nd floor the 3rd priority.


Question: Do people have better luck with room requests when their TA makes the request vs a TP request?

I’ve only done it through TP. I don’t think one way is better than another. However it’s made, it is only a request. They will try their best, but they cannot kick someone out of a room they are already occupying, and they can’t just build another room.

Sometimes the request just cannot be met. That’s why it helps in the preferences if you’re as general as possible (a range of room numbers or a section of a resort - not just one number), keep it to no more than 3, and prioritize them. That helps the assigner know what you’re looking for.

Example. When I was staying at All Star Sports my request was like this:
1st priority - Surfs Up! section
2nd priority - Third Floor
3rd priority - Corner Room

That way the assigner knew to look first for rooms in the Surf’s Up! section, then see if any of those were third floor, then see if any of those were corner rooms. I ended up Surfs Up!, third floor, the room next to the corner.